Popular Kenyan Comedian And Actor Miraculously Survives A Vicious GANG Attack In Nairobi, Lives To Tell The Story After Two Surgeries (PHOTO)


No one would wish to be taken in sick. By and by, I fear healing centers. It’s the one place that I create chills regardless of whether it will visit a friend or family member or a companion. Seeing wiped out individuals makes me very enthusiastic and the main thing I end up doing is stating a noiseless petition for their speedy mending.

Presently, well known humorist and performing artist JB Masanduku is upbeat to be alive, after a posse of three men propelled a challenging sunshine assault on him.

The occurrence occurred at around 5pm in Nairobi’s South B home, as the clever comic left a chronicle studio situated in the bequest.

He has described how he was strolling alone after the studio session, when three men equipped with rough weapons trapped him with the point of denying him of his resources and cash.

“The occurrence happened so quick yet I figured out how to see that they had outfitted themselves with a cleaver and a glass bottle. They went for my head with the cleaver however I obstructed the approaching weapon with my hand. Sadly, or luckily, it got my hand which was cut extremely terrible,” he only disclosed to us.The humorist fell oblivious, just to pick up cognizance four hours after the fact at Mater Hospital.He adds:”


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