Jewel’s breakout tune “Kamwambie” in 2009 was motivated by a tragedy. The young lady being referred to was Sarah who clearly dumped the heartthrob since he was poor.

In a 2014 meeting with Tubonge TZ, Diamond stated:

“Huu wimbo nilimtungia Sarah, mpenzi wangu aliyenimwaga kwa sababu sikuwa na masilahi kwake. Nilimweleza kwenye wimbo ni kwa kiasi gani niliumia kwa kuniacha kwake wakati nilikuwa bado nampenda. Nakumbuka siku hiyo yule demu aliniambia, ‘sikiza Diamond, mi’ kwa sasa siwezi kuwa na mwanaume ambaye hana masilahi kwangu.”


“I made this tune for Sarah, my ex who I profoundly cherished however she dumped me since I was bankrupt in those days. In the melody, I reveal to her the amount she hurt me by abandoning me since I was down and out yet despite everything I cherished her. I recollect distinctively the day we separated, she let me know ‘Listen Diamond, at the present time I can’t keep being with a man who has no way to take care of me.'”


After six years, in 2015, he dropped yet another hit tune, “Utanipenda”, this time including his significant other and mother of his two kids Zari in the video, making inquiries like: would she adore him on the off chance that he was poor?

As though anticipating the present outrages that are tormenting his affection life, he sings:

“Na magazeti ya nyumbani kwa kukuza habari si unajuagaa/Utasikia Tafalani eti Mondi kwa Zari amemwagwa/Navyo nilivyo mnyonge tabia ya kuwajibu sinagaa/Kama naiona michambo ya madem wa zamani nilowapitiaga”

“… And you know how daily papers love to make outrages, you will hear there’s inconvenience in heaven, Zari dumps Diamond. In any case, knowing how powerless I am, I won’t react to them, much the same as I hate my exes at whatever point they endeavor to entice me these days.”

Jewel, who is additionally referred to in Tanzanian showbiz hovers as Sukari ya Warembo, is undoubtedly a chic magnet.

Of late, the one-time mitumba merchant has been inclining since he admitted to going behind zari’s back with model and video lady, Hamisa Mobetto, and fathering a kid with her.

We investigate a portion of the acclaimed ladies he has dated since 2009:


When he was beginning his music profession, some time before he ended up plainly renowned, Diamond dated bongo flava performer Upendo. They didn’t keep going long in any case, separating following five months.

In a meeting later on, Upendo asserted that her association with the performer was the most exceedingly bad she has ever experienced in her whole dating life. She even blamed him for being awful in bed, as per the meeting she did with surely understood Tanzanian showbiz blog Mpekuzi in 2014.

“Nimekuwa na uhusiano wa mapenzi na Diamond kwa miezi mitano, lakini hata mara moja hakuwahi kunifikisha kileleni, kwangu mimi namuona kuwa ndiye mwanaume asiyejua mapenzi kabisa miongoni mwa grain niliowahi kukuta nao. Nashangaa kwa nini wanawake wanamgombea.”

(I dated Diamond for five months and there is no single time he fulfilled me. Among every one of the men I have ever dated, he is the special case who doesn’t know how to have intercourse to lady. I ask why women continuing battling for him.)


Precious stone dated yet another bongo flava on-screen character, Jacqueline Wolper, for a while before they dropped out. Indeed, even after their split be that as it may, the two stayed dear companions. They chipped away at a few music ventures including the 2015 hit melody, “Utanipenda”, where Wolper was highlighted in the video.


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